Pumpkin U-Pick (September-October)

South Side U-Pick

715 Sound Ave, Mattituck NY 11952

(Across the street from Mattituck Farm Market with Produce and ready-to-eat treats, Wine Barn, and Barnyard Adventure).  

WEEKENDS feature:

  •  Live Music
  •  Singing Hayrides
  •  Pumpkin Bounce
  • Wizard of Oz Corn Maze
  • wine/hard cider/pumpkin beer

Jamesport Farm

1223 Main Rd. Jamesport NY 1197


  • Farm Market with Fresh Produce and Ready-to-eat treats.  

WEEKENDS feature: 

  •  Live music
  • Singing  Hayrides 
  • Pumpkinland Corn Maze
  •  Wine/hard cider/pumpkin beer 

Barnyard Pumpkin Patch

25 Sound Ave, Mattituck NY 11952

Adjacent to the Barnyard Adventure


Harbes Orchard's Pumpkin Patch

5698 Sound Ave. Riverhead, NY 11952

OPEN Weekends 9-6pm through 10/28

General Admission required for farm entrance which includes price of apple picking.  

If not interested in Apple picking we suggest checking out one of our other open-to-the-public pumpkin patches.  Live music, pony rides, Robin Hood themed corn maze, vendors for Facepainting, Sand-art and more. 


Q: Is this on-the-vine picking? 

A:  Yes, we grow pumpkins in our fields.  The vines naturally fall off the pumpkins later in the season. 

Q:  Why aren’t my pumpkins lasting as long as usual? 

A:  Pumpkins don’t like excessive rain or heat so this season has been hard on them.  Bleach kills mold and will prevent it from attacking your pumpkin. You can either completely submerge your carved pumpkininto a solution of three tablespoons bleachto three gallons water, or you can use a spray bottle filled with water and a small amount of bleach to treat the carved areas.  (link for more info 

Q:  Do you do ‘all you can carry?’

A:  No, too many pumpkins are damaged that way.  We sell by the pound- .69lb regular and .79 lb specialty (cheese, white, warty pumpkins)