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Country Fun for Everyone!

Harbes Barnyard Adventure is the paid admission area of Harbes Family Farm in Mattituck. We have 8 acres (the same as 6 football fields put together!) for visitors to explore. At this family-friendly attraction, you’ll discover hands-on learning experiences including interactions with farm animals, a chick observatory and bee observatories. There are also fun and games for all ages such as our Gnome Hedge Maze, Jumbo Jumpers Bounce Pillows, trike track, sports zone, playgrounds, and so much more. On weekends, holidays, and summer Fridays we offer pig races and musical hayride tours.

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little boy on big orange tractor

reopening Mother’s Day weekend!


WEEKDAYS: $14.95

Monday-Friday: Does not include weekday holidays. Advanced Ticketing Unavailable.

WEEKends & HOLIDAYs: $23.95

Special Entertainment included! Don’t miss our Pig Race Shows & Musical Hayride tours

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Our BEST VALUE! Valid May-October 2022.
Gives you unlimited admission ALL season long!**

**Our season is May-Oct. Season passes are not valid during Columbus Day Weekend (Oct. 8-10, 2022).

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Pricing per person. Children 2 and under are free. Children under 12 must be supervised by an adult at all times.

PLEASE NOTE: Credit cards are only accepted at this time. Weekday admission cannot be purchased in advance. All weekday admission, with the exception of including Fun Fridays and Weekday Holidays, are sold in person. 

*Prices are subject to change without notice.

Daily Attractions

Harbes Barnyard Adventure is a full day of fun for the whole family! Here are some of the many attractions included in your Barnyard admission.
kids playing on our big goat mountain slides


Climb to the top of Goat Mountain and slide down our HUGE slides. Kids and parents alike will enjoy conquering these super slides!
little boy walking across bridge of our super silo obstacle course


Silos are used on farms to store grain, food products, and CORN! Help Farmer Harbes make sure all the silos are empty and ready for his super-sweet corn. Go through each obstacle to make your way through the silos! Children must be 41″ or taller to go on this attraction.

parents and child jumping on our jumbo jumpers


Jump and play on our Jumbo Jumpers bounce pillows! Open every day! (Not open in wet weather.)
little boy getting to see one of our cute baby goats up close


What’s a Barnyard without farm animals? Our animals include goats, sheep, pot-bellied pigs, chickens, ducks, and bunnies. Don’t miss the “Three Little Pigs” houses and, of course, everyone loves the baby animals, too!
aerial photo of our gnome hedge maze


Challenge your maze questing wits in our Gnome-themed Hedge Maze! Did you know farmers considered gnomes to be good luck charms? They believed that gnomes would bring them a plentiful harvest and protect their flocks from thieves, pests, and other dilemmas. Will you have good luck and be the first to find all the gnomes?
kids playing on our woodland adventure playgrounds


Kids will love our huge playgrounds! Join wilderness creatures such as squirrels, bunnies, beavers, chipmunks, and more. There’s lots to climb, bridges to cross, fun slides, and swings too! We have playgrounds for ages 2-5 and 5-12.
Colorful lily canna bulb flowers blooming in plants nursery

Canna Bulb Flower Field

This beautiful new addition to our Barnyard Adventure makes a great photo op! Cannas are among the most colorful summer bulbs with ruffled spikes tapering to refined buds.  
white bunny sitting outside miniature Harbes Ice Shop in our tiny bunny village


A tiny bunny village! The bunnies have a “hare cuts” barbershop, ice cream parlor, movie theater, little red schoolhouse, and even their own "iHop" restaurant!
two kids watching little chicks at our chick observatory


Learn the life cycle of chickens at all stages of life at our Chick Observatory.
bees working behind the glass at our bee observatory

Bee Observatory & Pollinator Garden

Our bee observatory is equipped with glass so that the queen and all activities of the hive may be observed at all times. Harbes Farms has working honey bee hives at all three locations. The local honey collected from the hives is sold at our farmstand and served in our wine barn as part of our cheese platters!

kids enjoying in our sports zone, football, baseball and basketball tossing games, at the Barnyard Adventure


The whole family can enjoy our new Sports Zone with football, baseball, and basketball tossing games!
families playing human foosball


Gather your friends and family and have a rousing game of Farmer’s Foosball!
family of three riding on one of our multi-person trikes on the trike track


Race around our 600ft track! Fun for kids and adults.
family of three playing at our hand pump duck race games


Who can race their ducks the fastest? Our hand pump duck race games are lots of fun for the whole family.
three animatronic chickens from our musical chicken show


You’ll be entertained by our animatronic Chicken Show! Sit back and let these musical chickens, roosters, and fox delight you with their fun-filled show. Shows run all day.
little girl being pushed around on a tractor trike at the little kids trike track


Ideal for your littlest ones! There’s a giant sandbox, little kids trike track, playhouses, water table, and a little kids duck race game.
kids climbing on our spider web climber at the Barnyard Adventure


Kids will have a great time climbing on our spider web climber!
little boy playing with toy trucks in one of our giant sandboxes


The Barnyard has two giant sandboxes to keep kids occupied for hours!
two boys practicing how to milk a cow at our wooden Holstein, pretend milking cow


The kids will love pretending that they are milking our wooden Holstein cow! Or should we say “Harbes-stein” cow?
pygmy goats crossing our overhead goat bridge as they travel from one pen to another


Watch our pygmy goats make their way from one pen to the other using their own goat bridge! Hoist up goat feed so they can snack as they cross the bridge.
little boy at the wheel of our big orange play tractor


Kids can pretend to be farmers while sitting at the wheel of a real play tractor!

Meet The Barnyard Family!

Around the Barnyard Adventure, you’ll meet over 40 of our Barnyard Friends. Here’s a sneak preview of some of them!
baby chick

Baby Chicks

The Barnyard always has adorable baby chicks!
black and white bunny


Harbes Bunnyville is loaded with the cutest bunnies!
two chickens in our chicken coop


Our chicken coop is home to chickens and roosters!
white duck


Don't miss seeing our ducks too!
cute, smiling baby lamb


You might see a few baby lambs!
white sheep chewing on hay


The Barnyard is home to sheep too!
two black and white baby goats touching noses

Baby Goats

The baby goats are always playful little "kids"!
black and white goat eating hay


Our friendly goats will want you to be their pal forever!
big pot bellied pig eating grass

Pot-bellied Pigs

Meet our three little pot-bellied pigs. One in a straw house, one in a wood house, and one in a Brickhouse!

Barnyard Entertainment

Every weekend, holiday, and Fun Friday ALL summer long Harbes Barnyard Adventure offers extra family-friendly entertainment!
100 foot musical hayride driving by our gnome hedge maze in Mattituck

Musical Hayride Tour

Take a relaxing musical hayride tour of our 100-acre Mattituck farm. Hayrides are available on weekends, holidays, and summer Fridays.
crowd cheering on pigs as the run around the track at one of our weekend pig races

Pig Races

Enjoy a thrilling Pig Race with your host, Clyde! Who will you pick – Bonnie Blue, Ruby Red, Gomer Green, Yellow Yanni, or Penelope Purple? Pig Races are available weekends, holidays, and summer Fridays. Times are 11:30, 1:30, 3:30, and 5:30.

Special Entertainment

During the season, Harbes Barnyard Adventure hosts exciting Special Entertainment such as Kid's Concerts with Farmer Mike! Don't forget to check back to see what's happening during your next visit.
Farmer Mike with his guitar, performing music, at the Pig Race Stadium

Kid's Concerts

Join Farmer Mike for concerts at the Pig Race Stadium! Mike will entertain the whole family with a mix of music that appeals to all ages. From Disney tunes to “Old Town Road”, Mike will have you clapping your hands and singing along! Don’t miss our Dance Contests for a chance to win great PRIZES, too!

Check back for our 2022 Kid's Concerts schedule

Admission Calendar

Harbes Barnyard Adventure is open 7 days a week from May 7th through October 30th.
Online Ticketing is ONLY available for the dates listed below.

Children ages 2 and under receive free admission
Children ages 12 and under must be supervised by an adult (+18) at all times
We do not permit outside food or beverages, but we do offer concession foods for your enjoyment.
For health and safety reasons, we do not permit pets on our farms. Service animals specifically trained to aid a person with a disability are welcome.

Terms & Conditions

Please click here to read our full list of Online Ticketing Policies

What they’re saying

“Came here for the first time with my two kids (5 & 3). The kids had such a great time that we upgraded to season passes! Will definitely be back more than once this season!” – Stephen M.

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